We specialise in straight-forward, tailor-made communications, which value facts over polemic.   We understand how communities work, and we know how to mobilise them on your behalf.  We can help you tighten, or re-invent your message delivery, into clear, no-jargon communications that will make sure the right people hear what you have to say.

Ocean power

Renewable energy

We have developed a successful and adaptable model for single issue campaigning.  We combine up-to-date communications & advocacy tools with good old-fashioned grassroots activism.  To successfully win planning permission for renewable energy infrastructure developers must also win the support of members of the community who will live alongside it.  Whether you are developing a wind farm, solar array, tidal barrage or anaerobic digestion system - you're likely to face pressure and opposition.

We've successfully motivated grassroots opinion for over a decade, and can help you get the public support you need to win.

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